What is a Golden visa? What is VISA?

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AisaQu Staff asked 8 months ago
Who qualifies for Golden Visa? What is the use of Golden Visa in UAE? Golden visa benefits, What is Golden Visa? What is VISA? golden visa India
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AisaQu Staff answered 8 months ago
What is VISA?   Ans= Visa is a payment system that allows people to pay each other using credit cards. Visa is used worldwide and has become the standard way to pay for goods and services. In this Ans. We explain what Visa is, how it works, and answer some Frequently Asked Questions.   How does Visa work?   Ans= Well, first, I want to give a little bit of history. When created MasterCard at Chase Manhattan Bank in 1958, they were looking for something to do, but then Dick Clark came along, and he wanted to start a business and needed a bank account. And Dick Clark had a friend who ran a company called IBM, and he suggested that IBM could build him a machine where he could take his checks and deposits and run them through the computer, which would allow him to get cashback out of those checks, so he wouldn't have to wait until he got paid.   So Dick's friend said, "Why don't you call it 'Checking Account'?" And Dick agreed, and so that became the name of the company. But after a while, Dick decided that he didn't like the name Checking Account, so he changed it to American Express. Then, in the early 70s, Amex started having problems with their name, and they changed it to Visa.   So, how does it work?   Ans= Well, let's say you're going to buy a pair of shoes. You can either use your debit card or your credit card. If you use your debit card, you'll swipe it, and if you use your credit card, you'll pull it out of your wallet and put it into the terminal. Once you've done that, you'll type in the number from your card and press "Submit." The merchant doesn't know whether you're paying with a credit card or a debit card, so they'll charge you the same price.   What is Golden Visa?   Ans= Golden Visa is a program that allows people willing to work hard and play by our rules to come into this country and live like they're supposed to. This system is great for both countries but especially for us! We need workers to help build our communities, care for our children, and grow our food. I'm proud to call myself a citizen of Golden Country, and I think we should share this privilege with those who deserve it.
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