Hrithik Roshan To Bade A Farewell To His Family Home

Hrithik Roshan To Bade A Farewell To His Family Home
Hrithik Roshan is undergoing torrid times post a gulf intervened into his relationship with Sussanne. Sampling through the volatile twists in his life, the most shocking is his decision to relocate to a new, sea-side house, away from his family home. This is difficult to take in  strides, for Hrithik is known to be a family man, with a strong emotional connect with his parents. Then, how come suddenly he has decided to live alone rather than with his family?

His new house is still in unready shape, and the construction and revamping work is underway in full swing. The house is expected to be fit for relocation within three to four weeks. At this time, Hrithik must be snarled by a sense of aloneness and family would have been the ideal healer for his emotional scars. However, with the news of his planned relocation making rounds, it is difficult to deduce meaning from the turn of events.

The actor has been emotionally close to his parents for as long as we can remember and he has made it a point to live with them. Scattered opinions  theorize that Hrithik's move to shift to a new house is intended to clear  the way of his wife to live back with his parents, because she is emotionally very much attached to them. Furthermore, there is also an unconfirmed report of possible rift between the actor and his father Rakesh Roshan. It entails that Hrithik wasn't happy with the colossal budget of Krissh 3 and he also voiced his concern to his father. He was worried that it may eventually have a negative impact on the business of the movie. It is said to have resulted in a clash of opinions between the son and father.

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