Hrithik Roshan Jibes With Connoisseur of Party Hard Spirit Paris Hilton

Hrithik Roshan Jibes With Connoisseur of Party Hard Spirit Paris Hilton
Hollywood beckons the protruding-biceped, male fatale of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan. When he was found jibing with the connoisseur of party hard spirit Paris Hilton in Dubai, for the razzmatazz chock-a-block grand opening of Cle Dubai, the latest 'fingers to mouth', saliva-oozing cavalcade of recipes by esteemed chef Greg Malouf, it was a putative eye-to-eye encounter between Hollywood and Bollywood. The opening ceremony of the restaurant was juxtaposed  by attendance of bigwigs from various quarters of the globe, namely the endowed Alessandra Ambrosio, the overnight sensation Khloe Kardashian, Irina Shayk and several others.

Paris Hilton extrapolated the hectic, festive rumbles in her routine, leaking a slice of  it, with Hrithik flaunting a friendly smile standing next to her. Hrithik created an unrest among women styled seamlessly in a zebra-lined tea-shirt, sneaking out from a light grey, broad, v-necked coat, while Paris Hilton impelled intrigue, draped in a slightly transparent black attire, embroidered with wavy designs.

The chortling Hrithik at the above party was a quaint reflection of the silent march of his movie Bang Bang towards swaggering collections, amassing a total of 290 crores jointly from domestic and overseas business.

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