Action Jackson
Action Jackson
Language        : Hindi
Release Date   : 2014-12-05
Director          : Prabhu Deva
Genre              : Action , Comedy , Love
Producer         : Goardhan Tanwani
Writers           : Shiraz Ahmed
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Action Jackson Has The Rowdy Stylized  Ajay Devgan Written All Over It

Action Jackson is Prabhu's pampered, mannered, begotten child. Prabhu Deva's allegiance to his sphere of influence, ushering in the Southern cinema, aboriginal and brunt-forced to the pan-Indian movie mongers, carves a unique niche for him.

His hero (AJ) is a 'all hell breaks loose', stylized, snobbish man. He trades bone-crunchers for bone-crunchers and goodwill for goodwill- a vanquishing sinner and a vanquishing saint.  The forte of southern cinema is engrossing the protagonist in parallel stories of 'rationality murdered' love and infernal revenge.
This fractional action, fractional comedy and fractional romance infuses the 70mm. Prabhu's Action Jackson, a high-octane, hero-centric,  action film has the rowdy, stylized Ajay Devgan thriving up the mindless timeline of events with thriving pelvic thrusts and slow-mo action moves.

The opening scene sends jolting stupors of bodily infatuation for Ajay in an inexorable vixen (Manasvi Mamgai), preyed upon by flaring coals of passion. Ajay  tramples over the swagger of mortals; he piles up a piling body count before they can char her body. Better to not take stock of the strange consequences, rather watch on for pure fun, for action and romance is straight out of a pulp-fiction novel.

In a parallel  role (doppelgangers gushing forth confusions), Ajay is an underdog pitted against a sinister don, knotting the strings of his nerves. He must sniff out the troubles in his vicinity, holding firmly the lamp of awareness, as the crouching death  is ready to dig its fangs at any given moment. A czar of nerve-wrecking tests of sanity, our hero beats the goons to his favorite tunes- 'dhunai ka radio bajne do jara.'

And what is Sonakshi Sinha cooking up in the background? She accidently sees Ajay in a bare it all condition, and her listless luck basks in the glory of his split-second nakedness. She is on the radar of a rich family, as the ideal bahoo for their son. Her rationality blanked out, she must get to see the split-second nakedness of Ajay one more time. The element of bizarre is blistering.

Strange or on the expected lines, directors haven't given Sonakshi the weightage of a performance-saddled actress. Does it mean she lacks the innate ability to intrigue with compelling acting? In the movie, she is a pin-up girl, evading the critical scrutiny with her blinking eyelashes and spiked up expressions. Manasvi passes the litmus test. As a queasy vamp, she induces many a sighs.

Action Jackson is about a hero connected with the soil, carried around shoulders and chants of his name echoing. It's  a surge of popcorn entertainment bought from pulp-fiction. Thriving on Ajay's standing, Action Jackson has sent the cash registers rolling to the mark of thirteen crores on its opening day.