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PK PK Movie Review

r />PK (Aamir Khan) runs chills down the spine, triggers stomach-aching fits of laughter and mocks at the leased knowledge of personality-confined beings. His innocent questions, popping from a wide-eyed wonder, uninstall the trained minds, as they get engrossed in scratching the
Action Jackson Action Jackson Movie Review

r />Action Jackson is Prabhu's pampered, mannered, begotten child. Prabhu Deva's allegiance to his sphere of influence, ushering in the Southern cinema, aboriginal and brunt-forced to the pan-Indian movie mongers, carves a unique niche for him.

His hero (AJ) is a 'all
Zid Zid Movie Review

torts the intrigue and metamorphoses it  into despair. The suspense thriller intertwined with burning desires, sinks beneath the deciphering faculty of humans. Dexterous camera work affords a few poignant moments heeding the disappointments. Sneak peeks of the deep recesses
Ungli Ungli Movie Review

Merchant of surreal cinema, director Rensil D’Silva ensconces the viewers in their chairs in the first half and thereafter the movie plods into a half-stirred soup. A moon eclipse night stalls the galloping stallion of entertainment. Loopholes arrive in
Happy Ending Happy Ending Movie Review

eccentricity is such as counting the feathers of a pigeon high up above with bragging precision. From the make or break the trend duo Krishna DK and Raj, Happy Ending is single stone of extravagance thrown in vain hope of striking multiple targets. They had much more than custom
The Shaukeens The Shaukeens Movie Review

Akshay Kumar's comical sovereignty, liliputs the remainder of the cast of The Shaukeens. His 20-minutes appendage of inextricable mess is a booklet of starry life, layered with elements of humorous throughputs. The actor portrays a stoned version of himself, reconciled in alcohol
Happy New Year Happy New Year Movie Review

ndous, superfluous, in a crusade to stir something out of nothing, howls out a howler. Farah Khan's Happy New Year, is a 'by the numbers', close carbon copy of the grand theft themed movies dished out by Indian directors in the recent past. She comes to her aid with 'larger than
Bang Bang Bang Bang Movie Review

f bullets  pullulate in the eye-rubbing, ice-kissed chills and  blue lagoons, but unhandled exceptions crop up as a telling debacle. Bang Bang gains velocity, which turns against itself. Acting wise Hrithik and Katrina have delivered the goods, the music is hummable, bu
Haider Haider Movie Review

al Bhardwaj has enslaved the spectacular, forging regenerative accounts from the trunk of perennial literary treasures. He re-paints them in desi colors, incorporating some part of India in the schematics. The first-hand account of this aptitude  is his interpretation of 'Ha
Khoobsurat Khoobsurat Movie Review

he transfixing yesteryears and tuning it to the wheel of time is more of a notional task. However, Shashanka Ghosh  caresses a past marvel and dips it in the cauldron of modernity, with a meticulous approach. The re-imagination of a magnum opus by Hrishikesh Mukherjee is in
Daawat e Ishq Daawat e Ishq Movie Review

/>Daawat-e-Ishq is a palatable fanfare, once you check in, you find yourself in a continual continuum- it's a prison of aesthetics that one would love to be locked up in for a while. It's a barging exodus of changing love designs, upscaled with the side helping of classical beat
Finding Fanny Finding Fanny Movie Review

s been a blue moon since we saw a movie, offbeat but on-beat. Finding Fanny translates into a hysterical and thought-provoking depiction, embarking upon a lofty pedestal of self-discovery for five oddball characters.

Director Homi Adajania looks at nothing, chal
Mary Kom Mary Kom Movie Review

That Omung Kumar stripped off the gravity of doubts and zeroed down a challenging narrative to carve a niche in the film industry, professes that he belongs to the universe of serious story tellers. His fire could have misfired, but fortune favors the brave. Mary Kom
Raja Natwarlal Raja Natwarlal Movie Review

iness, a wicked grin, a high opinion for the ladies with fine legs and  payback with increments to those who sneeze in front!  Emraan Hashmi realigns himself to his elemental self in Raja Natwarlal. He dodged the indigenous formula of triumph in his previous releases, o
Its Entertainment Its Entertainment Movie Review

st for the eyes of animal lovers. Movies conceived from the unconditional love of animals toward fallible humans have ticked with the audiences in the bygone times. The Akshay Kumar helmed 'Entertainment', actually, helmed by a passive, doze-worthy dog at the center stage of the
Kick Kick Movie Review


Today's time-squeezed generation, who puts the scarcely available leisure to a sugarcane crusher to extract the last drop of it, is mighty annoyed when after investing time in a getaway pursuit, all they get is a bla
Hate Story 2 Hate Story 2 Movie Review

ere are certain stories that stun you, overwhelm you, and before you can absorb the gapes, there's more to absorb. Hate Story 2 is a fitting analogy to that verdict. There's a strange lull before the storm, and the strangeness is overshadowed by a secluded indomitable rush of rom
Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Movie Review

(Alia) is a mulish girl, when is pigheaded, she is at it. The blinking countdown to her marriage has uprose to the penultimate juncture. She is hell-bent to accentuate the auspicious occasion, embellished in a Bollywood-inspired, exorbitant  dress. A parallel to her  ma
Bobby Jasoos Bobby Jasoos Movie Review

th the idea of a girl, outnumbered by conventions, interested in a taboo field debarred for the female folk. Samar's Bobby Jasoos revolves around a wannabe Sherlock Holmes, a girl who strikes a stern eye with a sterner eye and unsolicited words of criticism with solicited words o
Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Movie Review

um Deewana Dil is an over-stirred, fading nostalgia from the annals of past. The familiar-sounding, outdated plot gives an impetus to slow-motion yawns. Bringing the past nostalgia to the current gen is a sure-shot recipe for failure unless the script treatment streams from curre
Ek Villain Ek Villain Movie Review

eler stranded in the middle of nowhere, a compulsive, heedful sinner, but when he is drawn into the vortex of love, courtesy Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor), he finds himself in an ice-land. Her empathy pacifies his violent streak; he flings the gun into the open air, empty handed for th
Humshakals Humshakals Movie Review

an amalgamation of sophisticated bearing with just for laughs gags. The humor runs amok in the absence of an anchoring map. It oscillates, hitchhiking via dud jokes, and the overpowering, energetic charge of absurd situations blows out the grey matter. Watching this movie with an
Holiday A Soldier is Never Off Duty Holiday A Soldier is Never Off Duty Movie Review

hes down a chin-dropping action-hero's image- cometh the hour, cometh the man! Akshay Kumar struts his own stuff in Holiday sans hiccups. His army man role runs the gamut from cometing down buildings, revving up prophecies with his meticulous attention to details and crunching th
Heropanti Heropanti Movie Review


HeroPanti dates back to the traditional cinema. It's a polar attraction between hearts that has over-lived its shelf life. Though acted out with fluidity and dollops of action, the blast fizzes out. The protagon

Kochadaiiyaan The Legend Kochadaiiyaan The Legend Movie Review

;">Is Kochadaiiyaan a hit or a miss? Mincing apart, it's a  swing of the pendulum to both sides. Rajnikanth's daughter (Soundarya)  had a deep-longing to make her directorial debut and she had some would-be projects mounted at the back of her foresight. Unforeseen circu
Kaanchi Kaanchi Movie Review

ine-height: 115%;">Kaanchi –Most awaited Ghai’s Movie Is Actually Most Disappointing

2 States 2 States Movie Review

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