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PK PK Movie Review

PK Sings Surrender Of Borrowed Knowledge To Flash Rejuvenated Wide Eyed Innocence

PK (Aamir Khan) runs chills down the spine, triggers stomach-aching fits of laughter and mocks at the leased knowledge of personality-co

Action Jackson Action Jackson Movie Review

Action Jackson Has The Rowdy Stylized  Ajay Devgan Written All Over It

Action Jackson is Prabhu's pampered, mannered, begotten child. Prabhu Deva's allegiance to his sphere of influence, ushering in the Sout

Zid Zid Movie Review

Zid Is A Distorted Screenplay Sunk Beneath The Zenith Of Understanding

Zid distorts the intrigue and metamorphoses it  into despair. The suspense thriller intertwined with burning desires, sinks beneath the deciph